Terms and conditions

mindemo counselling

Mindemo LLP is a registered firm which is based on online platform of connecting mind experts, healers ,motivational speakers , Entrepreneurs, Corporate Trainers etc ( Called as Experts) with End users ( Called as learners) . We provide instant solutions with the use of some linguistic patterns as well as some other techniques and problem solving tools. By singing up you are accepting the terms and conditions, and you confirm that you adhere to the terms and conditions of using mindemo app.
Terms and conditions ( Mindemo with Experts)
Experts should agree: Share only professional details with Mindemo App Respect time / value time of learners, guide them with sufficient time That there is no rights to close any call without proper counselling or training Any kind of designed therapies which is specially designed and supplied by you to the learners can be used by us with credits to you.
Confidentiality: Experts agree that they will not share any information/ designs/ ideas of mindemo with any third party or any other firms
Termination of the Agreement This Agreement may be terminated, The experts may voluntarily terminate this agreement, if he/she no longer wishes to engage with mindemo by sending an email to mindemo or feedback to admin upon completion of all pending session with the learners for at least 15 days of prior report Mindemo may voluntarily terminate this agreement by deactivating the account of the mentor at any time if the terms of use are violated. Mindemo also reserves the right to deactivate an account without giving any prior notice to the experts. Upon termination of the Agreement, the experts agrees that he or she will have no claims what so ever against Mindemo LLP.
Notices and Points of Contact: For mindemo the following email ID "info@mindemo.in" shall serve as the points of contact for administration and assistance and to receive all notices under this Agreement.
Status of the Parties: This Agreement, in and of itself, does not constitute, create or give effect to or otherwise establish a partnership or any other business or organization, the Parties are and shall remain independent entities. I understand the duties and responsibilities of a mindemo experts and will abide by the expectations there of.
Agreed and accepted by the Experts.

Terms and conditions (Mindemo with Learners)
By singing up as learners you are accepting the terms and conditions, and you confirm that you adhere to the terms and conditions of using mindemo app.
Learners agree to: Share your true information , avoid fake identities Respect time of experts Share true and authentic feedbacks Respond emails of Mindemo Ensure that the mindemo platform is used in a positive and professional manner and highlight to the mindemo team if there is any abusive and inappropriate content that is used on the portal. .
Confidentiality and other terms & condition, Learners agree that all information/materials supplied by the experts to be kept confidential by them Learners agree not to share any information/materials to any third parties; these should be used for only counselling / training purpose with experts. It is agreed by the learners that he / she would not contact experts and mindemo team beyond the scheduled time.
Agreed and accepted by the Learners.