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Q. How to use mindemo?
A. Just download the app from Google store (Mindemo), and register yourself as an expert or user. In case you are a user, you can register, login and select your area of speciality in which you require counselling and our expert will connect with you once you submit it. In case you are an expert, you have to register step by step by logging in and henceforth you will be able to see a expert dashboard , which is self-explanatory.
Q. I am a user, How does Mindemo works?
A. Either you are in school or college or a professional or a job seeker, entrepreneur or house-wife . Mindemo works as a one stop solution for all categories of persons ,dealing with your emotions and uprooting it from the base. Once you login to our App, you can select any speciality, which you may think require special attention or expert advice for it. Once you submit your query, our expert will call you and deeply discuss the concern with you and will give you written advices for your reference.
Q. I am an expert, How will I earn?
A. Once you become an expert, you can check the revenue model option in the hamburger menu of your dashboard.
Q. I am a user, my money got debited from my account and the transaction got failed? how can I get back the refund?
A. Sometimes, due to low internet connectivity, the transaction might fail. In case the amount is credited in our account, you will get a call from us. Generally, it takes 5 to 7 working days to get the amount credited back in your account depending on your bank. Please contact your bank for updates
Q. My query is not mentioned in this?
A. We have an expertise area titled “ I don’t Know “ , you can choose that category . In case of any other query you can connect with our customer care or can mail us at info@mindemo.in
Q. I am a user, Can I claim any refund if Iam not satisfied by your service?
A. No, we have highly experienced, well trained professionals and highly qualified experts, you will not get any chance to get dis-heartened by our service and trainers. We can only provide you with another expert, in case you are not satisfied by the sanctioned trainer for your satisfaction.
Q. I am a user, my query is not cleared and the call gets disconnected?
You can call back or the expert will call you once again. In general counselling, we have limited time slot. In case you require in-depth queries, you can always opt for advance counselling.
Q. I don’t want to pay initially rather I want to know more about Mindemo and accordingly, I will think of going for counselling ?
A. You can always call our customer care and can get a brief idea about Mindemo and its functionality before undergoing any counselling.
Q. In what languages the communication can be done with your customer care?
A. Currently, only English, Hindi and Oriya are preferred. We will be updating other languages soon.
Q. Is counselling closed on national holidays? What , if I paid the amount on national holiday and didn’t got any call from the expert?
A. Generally, Counselling is closed on national holidays. If, you have paid for the same, the expert will revert you on the next working day.
Q. Can I extend my time if iam not free at the time when expert calls?
A. Yes. It can be done with mutual understanding between you and expert.
Q. I am a user , I want to get training for becoming an expert?
A. You can join a training course with us on any specific areas. Kindly contact with our customer care representative.
Q. I am an expert, how can i post my ad?
A. You can post your ad by checking on “submit your ad” option. We don’t design any ad’s . The content and ad should be completely made by you.

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